Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Loans That Change Lives ..Kiva Update

It's been a minute since I've posted an update on Kiva...long overdue as far as I'm concerned; but, I'm happy to announce that Runako Designs has sponsored loan number six this week! And since we're celebrating milestones this month I may as well add that, August 20th marked one year since we started lending through Kiva! I'll tell you more about our latest loan recipient in a minute, but first let me update you on our other loans and more great news.

Loan Updates
Two of our loans have been repaid in full! I'm so very proud of Paulina and Khady. No update on Khady, as you remember they were dealing with some illnesses, but hopes and prayers are that she is doing well. One group loan is deliquent as of this month, but they have paid well up to this point and is 32% complete. I'm not giving up on them this early in the game. Ana is steadily repaying her loan and is 36% complete and our last recipient, Reuon Roun of Cambodia has already started paying his loan back is at 20% complete. Our recipients ability to keep up with their loan payments, can only mean one thing...things are going well. And because they've done so well, We've been able to sponsor someone else.

Meet Carmen
Carmen is from Peru. She is a 34 year old mom with two children, fourteen and five. She is back and forth between household activities and her handicraft business. She sells products to tourist in Taray. Carmen has requested a $225 loan to purchase more handicrafts to sell. As of my loan, she was still in need of seventy-five more dollars. As of this post, her loan request has been fulfilled! Carmen plans to repay her loan in 4 payments, final payment due February 1st. Lets wish Carmen good luck in her ventures and thanks to all lenders for making it possible.

Team Runako
Part of the excitement about lending through Kiva is that you can cheer for the success of your entrepreneurs. Another great part of Kiva is that you can form lending teams and cheer together. Team Runako is one of many teams on that you can join. And I would welcome your partnership in helping alleviate poverty all over the world. If you are already a lender through Kiva, please consider joining up with our team, not only will your lending dollars go towards your individual giving, but it will also go towards our team goal. If you're considering lending with Kiva, also consider joining our team when you sign up for your account. After you join, grab our badge to the left and post it proudly on your site or blog. Trish over at Jewelry, Money and Saving Lives recently joined up with our team. Trish has sponsored 6 of her own loans already through Kiva!! Way to go Trish!! So what are YOU waiting for???

The Giving Necklace
Runako Designs makes it all happen through our specially designed necklace we call the Giving Necklace. This necklace was designed to show off your support for the Kiva Project. Twenty-five percent of sales from every necklace goes towards funding a micro-loan to an entrepreneur in an under developed country. Feel good knowing that your one time purchase keeps on giving, again and again. Necklace measures 18 inches, with a Sterling silver clasp.

The Hill Tribe Silver leaf represents the Kiva vision, the green Cubic Zirconia pendant represents money loaned and the green Freshwater Pearl represents good luck for the borrower and the lender.

So, join Runako Designs in helping to alleviate poverty by sponsoring a loan through Kiva or through your purchase of the Giving Necklace. The first person to purchase a Giving Necklace this exciting month will recieve a matched donation by ME to sponsor a loan immediately through Team Runako! Let's make some positive changes in the world together one loan at a time!

Unveiling and feeling good,



ADOBO LIFE said...

Dee - -You are truly special - bless your heart! This is very noble and your effort is so sincere! Please keep up the positive energy and be an angel to many!!!!

ADOBO LIFE said...

I placed your link in my blog today

Pretty Things said...

Kiva is so awesome, and what you're doing is amazing.

Dee said...

Thanks Lori and Adobo!

Maria Paray said...

How wonderful Dee - you ARE changing lives!

Dee said...

Thanks Maria!

Trish said...

No thanks needed Dee. I need to thank you...for reminding me that some have repaid and I'm putting the $ back in to re loan. And, don't give up...I have never had anyone never repay a loan! It may take time. But, they always have repaid. KIVA/Team Runako are awesome! Thank you Dee


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