Saturday, April 4, 2009

Runako Designs - Loans That Change Lives

Team Runako has funded another Micro-loan this week and we're feeling pretty good about it. Kiva continues to do wonderful things. This week alone, citizens around the world have funded 1 loan every 25 seconds!! Sounds incredible, but I can believe it. The last two loans I've made, had to be completed quickly. While browsing to find 1 or 2 to choose from, I'd come back with a decision and the Loan was complete! Initially disappointed, yet soon happy that folks are so eager to make a change. Now for some updates:

What's Happening
If you'll recall from the last post, we had three outstanding loans. Well, Khady Dieng from Senegal, has paid back 100% of her loan, and is doing well with her fish selling business. Paulina Amankra of Ghana has repaid 71% of her loan to expand her store. Paulina is right on target, with her 9 month goal of repaying. Last but not least the Chouhan Group received their loan in February and is working hard to stock their Grocery Business. If you're interested in reading about each of these recipients, check the Postive Changes in the World archive to the left.

New Loans
I've been trying for months to support someone in the Arts, but they seem to go quickly; however, as they say... the early bird catches the worm! This morning, I was able to grab dibs on a loan for just that and what a story. With $100 more dollars to go, someones dream is about to come true.

Meet Ana
Ana is from Lima, Peru. She is 38 years old, married, and raising two small children. This is her first request for a loan. From the time she was a little girl, she has had to work hard to help her family, and among her jobs to make money, she found that her true vocation is embroidery. She started out making different fabrics, after being recognized at different work places for her talent. She later acquired special machinery for knitting and embroidery, enabling her to work from her home, making clothing brought to her, because only she, with her great creativity, could provide the decoration required. Since then, she's been able to stay home with her children and help her husband support their family and pay bills. Ana is looking to improve her level of service, buy obtaining more specialized machine and instruments that will ease her work. Some days requires her to put out 100 to 300 pieces of clothing. Ana has requested a $950 dollar loan to buy more supplies for her embroidery business and Team Runako is proud to be a supporter! Ha!! just a quick update...since I started posted this entry 15 minutes ago, Ana's loan has been fully awesome is that!

Recent Supporters of this Loan:

If you'd like to help support an Entrepreneur in an underdeveloped country, visit to find out more about Micro loans. Join Team Runako and lets change the world together. Wear your support proudly by purchasing a Giving Necklace from Runako Designs, where 25% of the proceeds will go towards our next loan.

Unveiling Proudly,


Pretty Things said...

Kiva is such an awesome organization. My accountant gave out microloans in lieu of those cheesy Christmas cards and calendars this year -- very cool.

Trish said...

I have loaned KIVA money. I love the organization. I joined the Runako Team. When I was donating to people in other countries, I thought the same thing,"what about our own country?" Even though it seems to have ruffled the feathers of a few people. Then U.S. is full of people needing help. So, I say YES! Way to go!

Runako Designs by Dee said...

cool Trish! Thanks for joining up, they are a great organization, and I LOVE the US idea, hopefully it will work just as well.

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