Sunday, February 22, 2009

Runako Designs - Loans that Change Lives

We've done it again! Team Runako has helped to fund a third micro-loan through With the money being paid back from previous loans and purchases of the Giving Necklace, I was able to support several entrepreneurs in an underdeveloped country live their dream. It took a while to get one through, as Kiva has become very popular. As fast as I could search and get back to a recipient to loan, their request had been funded! It's a marvelous thing, to know that there are so many giving souls around the world looking to help and support others. Well, lets meet our new loan recipents:

Meet Bushra M. Afzal chouhan GroupBushra Baji is a very hardworking and caring lady. She is 46 years old, married and a citizen of a historical place named Yadgar, Pakistan for the past 17 years. She supports her husband by sewing clothes because inflation is increasing day by day and it’s tough to manage the household by one person. She is the mother of five kids: two sons and three daughters. All of her kids are in school located near their house. She pays the school fees for her kids with the money she earns from sewing clothing. She successfully repaid her first loan from Asasah (a microfinance institute of Pakistan). She is applying again for a loan to buy groceries for her grocery shop. She is a group leader for women in her locality. Zareena Baji wants a loan to buy scrap for her scrap business. Kishwar Sultana Baji wants a loan to buy a buffalo for her milk selling business. Khursheed Begum baji wants a loan to buy electric supplies (switches, wires and tube lights) to sell. This is a group loan. The loan funds will be distributed among the group members, each of whom will invest in her own business. The member's mutually guarantee each loan will be paid back. If one member does not repay, the other members are responsible.

Join me in wishing these strong women success in their business ventures. If you want to learn more about how you can help, contact me or visit If you decide to fund a loan, why not join Team Runako, and lets make a change together.


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