Monday, May 9, 2011

Are You Ready for Your Coffee Break May 14th? - Fair Trade Series Day 9

WOW! 8 days have already gone by since I started sharing with you what all the excitement is about Fair Trade.  I took a tiny break yesterday to celebrate Mother's Day, but I'm back in week 2 with more great information! 

As May 14th (Fair Trade Day) approaches, groups, organizations and individuals are preparing for big celebrations this Saturday and today I'm going to share with you, how you can participate as big or as small as you like, simply by sharing what you've learned through this series or what you already know. 
FTN Poster

As of today, according to the Fair Trade Resource Network, 10,0000 participants have registered Coffee Break Events for May 13-14th.  Some of the events include coffee breaks, fashion shows, food tastings, music concerts, talks and many other creative ideas. 

So, how can YOU participate?  It doesn't have to be anything as big as the above, but the entire event should be about sharing.  Try brunch or tea with some friends Saturday morning,  Girls Night Out with a Movie (Featuring Fair Trade of Course),  have an information booth at your Church, at work or your childs school, blog about it, post on FB or Twitter all day about it, the possibilities are endless..the main point behind May 14th  is to create awareness. 

If you're seriously thinking about having an event (big or small) visit the Fair Trade Resource Network and register before this Saturday, then visit their resource page and download all types of information, videos and posters to print out and to share at your event.  If you're quick, you may have time to sign up for some free samples or coupons before Saturday.  And most importantly come back and and LET ME KNOW!! 

My small part is of course this 14 day series.  I've also been sharing at work.  I've created a poster "Fair Trade Coffee Break" and I'll be sitting out more goodies this week, with information pages about Fair Trade.  The chocolate last week was a big's all gone!  I won't be holding an event on Saturday, but I have ALL intentions of being at my local Ten Thousand Villages for an ice cream sundae, a Treasure Hunt, and to sign the Fair Trade wall! ....Can't wait. 

If you're just getting here and need to catch up, below are links from last weeks posts:
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Don't forget to come back tomorrow...we have 5 more days to hang out together, crazy things could happen between now and Saturday, as I'm dreaming Fair Trade these days.  Thanks for deciding to come back...I appreciate all of you!!

Unveiling in dreams and coffe breaks,


fishyfacedesigns said...

Good Morning Dee,

I find this so interesting, I talked about it a little yesterday... It's one thing to "talk" about it kinda like in passing...It's another to understand it... I can understand why this is a passion...
Thanks for more information...
Have a wonderful day... LOL exite 60 B.... Hint... it's in the movie. I cant wait for you to see it...(my daughter and I have watched this a hundred times!)

Dee said...

Lisa you are so awesome!!

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