Saturday, May 7, 2011

Care To Know What I'm Reading - Featured Series Day 7 (Fair Trade)

Today is day seven of a 14 day series on Fair Trade, leading up to Fair Trade Day on May 14th. For yesterday's about Beads That Change Lives click here.   

Wordle: blog templateWOW.... What a day!!  Soccer game this morning, dinner with my mom this evening, and pro soccer game this the rain I'll add, but the game was full of adrenaline rushes!  It's been fun but long.  Tonight's post will be just the oposite of my day, as my eye are telling me to shut it down!!

Before I head off to bed, I would like to share with you several blogs I've been following and hope that you take an opportunity when you have the time to visit them.  I've provided a mix of topics for you to choose from.  These blogs are totally focused on Fair Trade, so you can follow them to keep up with the movement long after May 14th. 

Fair Trade - is the home of the only independent Fair Trade news magazine online. It’s simple really. Whether you want to get news, join a discussion, or find great fair trade products, they are there to help.

From Poverty to Power - how active citizens and effective states can change the world.  It is a personal reflection by the author. It is intended to provoke debate and conversations about development.
Small Farmers Big Change from Equal Exchange - A green and more just food system starts with small farmers.  This blog represents a path to bringing justice to the food system and health to the planet.

Journey of Fair Trade  - a journey to present the voices of Fair Trade producers, artisans, weavers, farmers, and craftswomen and men. This blog examines the Fair Trade Organizations, NGOs, and Community-Based Organizations which support producers and introduce social change; it aims to develop local, national and regional Fair Trade networks; it encourages the advocates and supporters of Fair Trade; and informs consciencious consumers. 

Candy Blog - Meticulously photographed and documented reviews of candy from around the world. And the occasional other sweet adventures. Open your mouth, expand your mind.

I appreciate so much all who have stopped by and read my posts this week. I'm so excited that you are learning new things and sharing the information with others. I truly appreciate your comments and have enjoyed the sharing this week. If I have only reached out to a few peeps this year, then my goal has been accomplished.  Thanks for your continued support and for your readership...hmmm is that really a word?

Unveiling in blog lists,


fishyfacedesigns said...

What a day you had.... Good times.
Thanks for sharing all the information....
Happy Mother's Day.

fishyfacedesigns said...

I went and read a few of the blogs you suggested in this post... I have purchased products before such as coffee for Fair trade... but I didnt really know any facts or why's... I just did it because I knew it was a "good thing" to do.
Thank you for opening my eyes and making me aware.

Dee said...

That's great Lisa!! I'm so excited, that you are becoming so informed about FT. Thanks again for sharing with your blogging friends. and Happy Mother's Day to you as well!

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