Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Items Are Available as Fair Trade - Featured Series Day 4

Today is day four of a 14 day series on Fair Trade, leading up to Fair Trade Day on May 14th. For yesterday's post, Ten Thousand Villages vs. One Sappy Mom  click here. 

If there's one thing I've learned from facilitating leadership classes, it's that even adults need a break.  Why should anything be different here? I wouldn't be a good teacher if I didn't allow a break for some fun, so tonight we will allow our eyes and senses do all the work, as I share with you some of the different types of fair trade items around the world. 

Art Art Art...definitely an abudance and available all over the web.  
 A cute little conversation piece from Ten Thousand Villages.  Can you tell what it's made from?

 Artisan vases found at my local Ten Thousand Villages

 My nephew fell in love with this set..hand carved from guess where??

More wall candy, you name it... it's made to hang.  

Kazuri beads from Kenya. I use these often in my jewelry..absolutely love them. Made from clay near the base of Mt. Kenya.  

Hill Tribe fine silver from Thailand. I use a LOT of this in my jewelry, and will continue to purchase as soon as the silver  prices drop...ggeeez

Baili Silver Beads  from Indonesia (source kkgems and beads)
Another favorite jewelry component I use a LOT of.

Coffee (source Green Mountain Coffee)

That's saw it here...Ben and Jerry's!! (see the label on the left of the carton)

Organic Sweetners (source Wholesome Sweetners)

Clothing (source Indigenous Designs)

Chocolate (source: Global Exchange Store)

Most Fair Trade chocolate I've had is very very rich...real stuff guys!

Soaps, cleansers, lotions, shampoos and all other things to make you beautiful.

Fruit (source: Fair Trade
So, now you've seen only a smidgen of what's out there, but as you can see..there are many many different items available as Fair Trade.  Here in the United States, coffee is the biggest seller, and I'm proud to say that I'm a contributor to that statistical data. 

Hopefully you found something that you already use, that you'd like to try as a Fair Trade item or something new would be cool too!   The links in this post are just a sampling of where you can find many different versions of the above...except maybe the Ten Thousand Villages items, which may be specific to them.  I would recommend starting with the below links to begin your search for retailers who sell Fair Trade Items world wide, have fun and enjoy the goodies.  If you have a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's in your town, those are must stops for perishable items to try quickly. is the time to share which items you already use or plan to give a try. My first stop this weekend is Ben and Jerry' about you?

Fair Trade Resources for retailers:
Fair Trade Resource Network
Fair Trade Federation
World Fair Trade Organization

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