Monday, January 10, 2011

A Stroll Down Memory Lane....

Not a lot of words today, just some reflections on a few of my favorite pieces from the past...hope you enjoy!

"Chasing Dot"
I absolutely loved this necklace, probably should have kept it for myself!

"Arizona Summer"
This was actually a personal Challenge to create a Summer Sun, more like sunset is what came out of it, but I love's actually 4 necklaces in 1!!

I never got around to naming this one, I made it so quickly for a show one about...

This was a total accident and it belongs to me...I get soo many compliments on this piece

"Midnight Kazuri"
Another one I should have kept dangit!

"Blue Nile II"
This was a remake challenge it went from drab to fab in one weekend.

"Summer Sun"
I finally nailed the Summer Sun challenge

I loved how the gold pearls popped in this necklace!

"Chili Peppers"
This was my very first necklace made with Kazuri beads!

"Menat Dancing"
Menat is an egyptian word, I think a friend/customer gave me this name idea..doesn't the pendant look like an egyptian dancer?

"The Giving Necklace"
This little necklace is responsible for me being able to sponsor all my Kiva Loans!!
These are some of my favorite necklaces, check back for a stroll down bracelet and earring memory lane later this week. 

Unveiling in favorites,

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Maria Paray said...

All fabulous! What talent! Goddess is great with the mixed media - must be just stunning to wear.

My Life Under the Bus said...

What fun it's nice to show off all in one post ! A lot of work went into all that jewelry.I like Godess too!

Dee said...

Thanks ladies..I absolutely love Goddess!!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

These are ALL so gorgeous Dee! They inspire me to get going with my jewelry again :)

I especially love your Goddess necklace, too. Sometimes accidents are the best way to discover new things!!

Dee said...

Thanks Kayla! Hope you'are feeling better.

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