Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolutions, Promises and Goals - Part II

If you had the opportunity to read my post from Monday, you know that I've been thinking through some goals for this year.  One I had already started, but the other two I had to think through to make sure I wasn't going to bite off more than I could chew at this time.  Well, I'm ready to reveal, profess and get started..times been a waisting and its time to get busy.

 I'm calling these...Goals...instead of resolutions, as in - something I want to achieve for myself.   A resolution by definition is a decision or a process of resolving something.  I figured, just because I make the decision to lose weight for example, doesn't necessarily mean I'm planning to do it or follow through.  With a goal, one typically has a plan in place.  You can even set small milestones along the way to achieving those goals.  So here goes one, two and three.......

1.  Re-ignite My Business 
This is major for me!  Last year I lost track of something near and dear to my heart - my desire to create.  Life threw a few curve balls my way and after several failed attempts of getting back on track, I just couldn't consistently get back into the swing of things. My inspiration for this goal was photo I recently found of my sister-in-laws daughter on Facebook, who lives in the Phillipines.  I had forgotten that my brother purchased a bunch of necklaces three years ago and really never asked who they were for since he works in Iraq.  What a pleasant surprise to find Runako Designs in the Phillipines!! 

 My goal for 2011 is to set at least 1 (one) major, achieavable goal per month to re-ignite the energy in my business.  I know this may sound redundant, but I figure if I can put a monthly goal to paper now, and post it over my workstation, I have something to work towards.  And, the fact that I'm posting it here, would totally make me look like a failure if I didn't follow through!  So to begin, for January, my goal is to plan my business year (put it to paper) and do a kick off beginning  in February. 

2.  Yeah Me Project (YMP)...........
or in other words DIY!  I must admit, that I had gotten a little lazy about doing things myself recently, but that's about to change.  Actually, the past couple of months, I've completed a couple of small projects around the house and upon each completion, I stood back, took a look at my finished work and said..."Yeaahhh Me!" 

For this goal, my plan is to complete at least one (1) DIY project a month. I also plan to sit down this month and think through what things I'd really like to accomplish.  For January, I've already installed a new shower head, and next on the list is new bi-fold doors for my son's room. They are already sitting in the hall upstairs - talk about pressure!   

3.  Fitness Challenge
This last goal is totally about ME!!  This past summer, I joined the gym if you'll remember, and I've actually done a pretty decent job getting my pressure in check and releasing some of the stress from work.  HOWEVER, I must admit the holidays, along with a homemade German Chocolate cake, cookies, pies, Lasagna, hams,....oh well, you get the idea - I caved!!  Not in a major way, but I caved, and lost some good momentum in my strength training workouts. 

 My former trainer told me about a fitness challenge here in town sponsored by FitVirginia; and you know I love a challenge, so what else was I to do?  The challenge started January 1st and runs through April 1st.  There are three weight loss catagories and 9 sets of prizes.  The three first place prizes is $3000...that's right - say motivating factor please!!  While I would love to win first place, my sites are simply set on challenging myself to get more fit!  I have no idea how many people are signed up for this challenge, but I know that if I challenge myself for three months, something good will come out of it in the end, money or not - I will have accomplished something that's totally about me! 

Well that's it! According to my life and the little doubtful angel sitting on my shoulder right now , thats a pretty hefty list; BUT, they were the three major things that meant the most to me, and that I felt I needed to put in writing to ensure completion. I even feel better as this post comes to an end. 

I hope that for all of you who have made your own resolutions, promises or goals this year, that they are met with persistence and complete follow through.  May your accomplishments, be ones that you are proud of.  If you've set some goals you'd like to profess, please leave your comments, I'd love to read about them.

Unveiling in Challenges,

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