Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stroll Down Memory Lane - Part II

Earlier this week I posted some of my favorite necklaces from the past, today I share bracelets and earrings...enjoy the eye candy!

"Colored Rain Drops"
These Kazuri boats have to be one of my favorite artisan made beads. They come in the many different colors of  Africa, they are unique and beautiful. 

I never got around to naming these, once again I was rushing to prepare for a show.  These artisan glass beads are made by one of my favorite artists.  I usually eye a specific set for a while, then I just have to have now..bout to purchase a set this weekend!! 

This awareness bracelet was made for a co-worker who was diagnosed with Breat Cancer last December.  I am happy to report that she is celebrating life cancer free and she looks great!!

This was a Mothers Day gift for my mom! It was the first watch I had ever made.  Thanks to a fellow artists and her tutoring, it came out perfect!!

"Lemon Meringue" Another bead set that I absolutely adored!!  They came in red, green, yellow and orange, I had so much fun with these artisan made beads. I made several pretty pairs and of course kept a unique pair for myself in three colors!

Ashamed to say..but these are MINE too!!  If you look at them long enough, you will find yourself getting very sleepy.  I never got around to naming lets just call them

These were a special order request for someones daughter, who was stationed in Iraq. I was given basic instructions for hoops and this is what I came up with, the Peridot crystal is her birthstone the hoops were handmade and hammered for texture.   

No name... holiday rush!  I was in the mood for some mixed metals last year and I made several wonderful pieces.  They sold pretty quickly, so I guess they represented a niche I had not tapped into. If I tried to make these this year, I would price myself out of the market..metal has GONE UP!!

"Kaleidescope of Life"
This is one I'll never forget! I had to finish the hole in most of these beads by hand. This bracelet was made to raise money for "Bead for Life". I made 12 bracelets and donated 50% of the proceeds back to Bead for Life. These things sold like hotcakes! They are beautiful in color and you can wear it with anything.  The beads are handmade in Uganda and are made of paper...And yes I have one for MYSELF!   

Other than long a design process and color coordination, none of the pieces I've posted this week are of aN intricate nature. Most of those items, didn't even make my favorites list! I think the few I've posted this week are my favorite because they have a story behind them that I remember, I can remember the process or the why behind them, they made someone especially happy, they were made for a special purpose, they are made of unique materials by a favorite artist or group and most of all, the finished product I'm certain, made me smile.  

Can you remember making something that made you smile, or that you have a lasting memory of?  Please share, I'd love to hear about it.  


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