Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Making Lemonade Out of The Heat!

I HATE being hot!  So, Summer is not my favorite time of the year as you can imagine, especially this one.  I live for the gentle breezes of Spring and Fall.  My son loves the outdoors and under normal circumstances, I can't keep him in, but with the heat the way it has been recently even he's been complaining.  So I started looking for something fun we could do together...INDOORS - we joined the Gym!!  

I must say, we've had a ball.  We've worked out together, had some great laughs and best of all, we're both active, getting exercise, spending quality time together, distressing from work and a rough school year and having a ball!

In just one week, we both could tell the difference. We'd go straight to the gym after work - I was feeling and seeing the difference in my energy and my attitude. He lost 3 pounds and his "six pack" as he refers to it is shaping up! 

I should have taken my Ipod last Wednesday, because having free time on my hand to look around, led my eyes to a posting for a Personal Trainer.  Sucker here....I signed up! 

Kirstin may not have a bull horn, but she's a twenty year old out to kill me...I'm sure!

Between her challenging reps and over confidence in my abilities and my sons laughing...not cheering, I didn't have time to think about what my body was going to feel like in the morning, until I sat down at the computer.  Sit ups, push ups, squats, balls, balancing balls, abs, biceps, back, you name it...I think we hit every muscle tonight and some I didn't even know I had! I felt the burn, the pull and the pops.....but I had a BALL!!! ....and I'm going back for more!! 

I post this to say, instead of letting a bad situation get you down (in my case the heat), always look for something positive in the situation.  I found my lemonade in the Gym this summer, where will you find yours?  

unveiling and soaking,

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