Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Positive Tuesday...Changing Lives...Team Runako Updates

Team Runako is still changing lives through Kiva.org!  Business has been at a halt, but the proceeds from the sale of my Giving Necklace is still working overtime.  Since my last update, we've funded four more loans, two as recent as yesterday!-and that puts us at a total of 14 loans. If you count single members loans and group loans that would equate to 48 lives..that's something I'm very, very proud of! 

Loan Updates
If you've still haven't made the decision to lend through Kiva, the following update should help you in making that decision. I've been lending through Kiva now for more than a year and I've had no defaults on any of my loans..one was a little delayed because of illness, but she has since then repaid her loan in full!  Of the teams twelve loans, we now have two outstanding from previous months at 75% and 61% respectively repaid, and my recent two loans at 100% just funded yesterday. Way to go Kiva entrepreneurs!! It's obvious that they each have been successful in their endeavors and I'm proud to have been a part of making it happen! Much thanks to our Team Runako Members.  There are much larger groups you could have joined, thanks for teaming up with us!

New Loans

Meet Shiela Alona Rubio
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Mrs. Shiela Alona Rubio is from the Phillipines. She is 34 years old and married.  They have been blessed with three children, all of whom attend school. To make a living, Shiela sells fish. She has been engaged in this kind of business for the past five years. She currently earns an average of more than 15,000 PHP per month ($338.00)

In 2009, Shiela Alona joined PMPC to gain access to financial services to help improve her living situation and her ability to engage in business activities. Shiela Alona is an active member of Paglaum MPC under the Regular Loan Program and has successfully repaid a previous loan of 20,000 PHP. She is now requesting a loan of 40,000 PHP ($900.00), which will be her third loan. She will use the loan as additional capital for her existing business selling fish. She plans to use the additional revenue generated from the business to improve the general living conditions of her family (meeting their basic needs), to save for the future, to make loan payments, to educate her children, and possibly to expand her business.

Meet Mujeres En Desarrollo 1,2 & 3 groups
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This group is also known as Development Women.  They are from the Dominican Republic.  Their specialty is upholstery.  This group evolved because they needed capital for their businesses.  The group is located in San Pedro de Macoris, a city famous for baseball players and sugar cane industries. The main economic activities are a free trade zone and a cement factory. This area, like nearly all impoverished areas in the Dominican Republic, suffers from unreliable running water (none of which is potable) and electricity which can't be counted on.

In a group loan, each member of the group receives an individual loan but is part of a group of individuals bound by a group guarantee. Under this arrangement, each member of the group supports one another and is responsible for paying back the loans of their fellow group members if someone is delinquent or defaults.

Runako Designs would like to wish the best of luck to all of these women!

If you'd like to learn more about Kiva and how you can make a positive change in the world, please visit their website at www.kiva.org.  While you're there and when you decide to make your first loan, give some thought to joining Team Runako, lets make this change together..one loan at a time.  Kiva is not just about giving its about EMPOWERMENT and I love it!!

Shhhhh, don't ask and I won't tell...I'm slipping back in as if nothing ever happened! 

Unveiling and Giving,

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