Sunday, July 25, 2010

Word of the Day!!!


Today's forecast for my town is 103!! And I'm certain I'll say this word on more than one occassion, so I've appropriately dubbed it word of the day ~

very warm: at a high, relatively high, or very very high temperature

too warm for comfort: feeling warmer than usual or desirable

having the desire to do nothing and go nowhere

creates the urge to take 2-3 showers a day

creates the feeling of crankiness

get out of my personal space

no desire  for cooking  

plenty of water

can't breathe

uughh!! do you define hot?

Unveling and Melting,


Loretta said...

I'm with you girl. It's going to be a HOT 111 degrees here in the sunny Palm Springs area. We always hear, "but it's dry heat". Hope yours is a dry heat. Stay and think COOL.

k.potega03 said...

It seems like this Summer is abnormally hot for EVERYONE >.<

Even though we haven't reached temps of 103 (yet), we've hit the high 90s and let me tell you...It's indicative of a blast furnace when you even step outside!

Ugh. Hope you keep cool!

Pretty Things said...

Oh I do detest heat and summer. It's the same up this way. I can't go torch, I melt in the van because the A/C has a hard time cooling down all that empty air, and the home A/C's aren't up to snuff.

Cripes. That's the word. I'm too hot to think of anything else.

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