Saturday, April 10, 2010

Remember Milo?

You all remember Milo, don't you?  Well, he's still on his world tour and we are anxiously awaiting his arrival.  Since last post about Milo he's been to places like Florida more than once, the Magical Land of Vanessa's, Michigan, and New England .  He's just packing up now and leaving "Lime in the Coconut's" place where he's been repairing big butt chairs, exploring winter garden leftovers and making friends with very large creatures. Click the link above to see what he's been up to, because he's had some pretty wild adventures. 
Thanks again goes out to Deborah over at Midlife Poet for allowing so many of us to experience life with Milo.  I'm certain she's missing him a lot right about now.  He has three more stops before he arrives in Virginia, just in time for the summer vacation and boy have we got fun plans for him.  Visit Midlife Poet and follow Milo's adventure to the right  side of her page and don't forget to come back here when he arrives! 

Unveiling and waiting,


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