Sunday, September 20, 2009

Meet Milo

I wanted to take a quick minute to introduce you all to Milo! Milo is a Millennium Bug and he belongs to Deborah Bauernfeind over at Midlife Poet. Deborah recently found Milo, who had been in her closet since 1999 and after endless days of coaxing she has finally convinced him that the world did not come to an end and he has agreed to come out!

To his disbelief, Milo has really enjoyed his summer in Arizona and asked if he could meet some of Deborah's fellow bloggers around the world. Deborah has graciously extended an invitation to host bloggers to welcome Milo into their home for a week and show Milo a grande old time..and I've been lucky enough to get him for a week. Not sure when that week will be as there are several places Milo will visit before making it to Virginia, but I promise to keep you posted on his travels and when he'll be arriving.
In the meantime, you can follow Milo's travels, by clicking on the badge to the right and find out where he's been and where he's headed. He just left the wonderful Miss Cori in California where he got to spend some time at Disney and even did some sewing. You HAVE to visit Gingerbread Crumbs and Company where Miss Cori spared no expenses in making sure Milo had a great time! You can find Milo this week at Rhonda Roo's Treehouse, where he's taking on Havana!
Unveiling and waiting for guest,


Cori G. said...

Hi Dee,

How are you doing? I'm glad you've decided to show Milo around your home town for a week and look forward to seeing what the two of you do. He is the cutest little bug and you'll have so much fun with him, I just know it!!!

Have a wonderful Monday!!!!!
xoxo Cori

Pretty Things said...

Oh that's so cute!

Deborah said...

How cute!!! I LoVe seeing Milo all over the blog world. This is just too much fun! He is heading to Australia a professional photographer! Should really be fun.
**blows kisses**

Rhonda Roo & Milo too said...

Hi Dee!
I second the fabulous Ms. Cori G's thoughts! The little guy really grows on you, and before you know it - swear-you are talking to him. Alot.
But he's a hood lil bug-just keep him away from junk food and lost boys with bad habits.
XOXOX Rhonda Roo

Shell said...

Milo is adorable. I'm glad he came out of his closet and enjoying this year of 2009!

Dee said...

Oooh Rhonda, he may get into terrible trouble here I definitely have a lost 12 year old boy who loves sneaking junk food...I can only imagine what the two of them will get into!!

Maria Paray said...

Reminds me of my kids bringing home Flat Stanley in elementary school. We had to send him all over the globe to have his picture taken in different places!

Has Milo met Flat Stanley in his travels?

Dee said...

LOL..I remember Flat Stanley, I never did it personally, but a guy from work brought him in. His cousin from Indiana sent him to spend a week in Virginia. Wouldn't that be a hoot if they met!

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