Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Changing Lives...Team Runako Kiva Updates

Lending through Kiva is definitely one thing that still gets me as excited today as when I sponsored my first loan through Runako Designs over a year ago. The thought and ability to help others help themselves is something that really gets my adrenaline racing! Critics...say what you like, but Kiva works!!

Through my business I'm able to help others around the world start or energize their own businesses or go to school. By taking 25% of proceeds from the sell of my Giving Necklaces, my customers and I are able to give again... and again... and again! Tonight, Team Runako is happy to announce that we've sponsored loan number 7 and 8, and will gladly share with you their stories, but first....

Loan Updates
We have four loans that have been 100% repaid!! Our most recent recipient, Carmen, has ALREADY paid back her loan and her business is doing well...they all make me so very proud! Reuon Roun of Cambodia is 70% repaid and the Bushra Group is 68% repaid, and I'm confident they'll both come through. Now on to our most recent recipients...

What's New...

Meet...Silvio Antonio Moreno Arroliga

Silvio has received a number of loans and he is very happy to have had this series of new and different experiences because each loan was unique. His business is the creation and sale of jewelry. He has had this business for more than 17 years. He is the primary provider for his wife and two children, and he is very dedicated to his family. He is seeking this loan to purchase enough raw materials to satisfy the many recent orders he has received from his large client base. Silvio's dream is to improve the conditions of his store – it is very small and he would like to expand it.

Meet Nai Phouk's Group

Mrs. Nai Phouk is a silk weaver. She is 30 years old and the mother of three children, one of whom is attending the local school while the others are too young for school. Her husband, Mr. Horn Sokhy, is a farmer who owns a small piece of land and cultivates rice. He is also a duck breeder. Since her business is going well, she wants to expand it to meet the demands of her customers. Thus, she decided to ask for a loan to buy more raw materials for weaving.

In a group loan, each member of the group receives an individual loan but is part of a group of individuals bound by a group guarantee. Under this arrangement, each member of the group supports one another and is responsible for paying back the loans if one of their member defaults.

Both loan requests have been fully funded as of this post. Congratulations to both recipients and good luck in your ventures!

Thanks Brook Shenson of Shopmollyd for your recent purchase of the Giving Necklace!!

Team Runako
Part of the excitement about lending through Kiva is that you can cheer for the success of your entrepreneurs. Another great part of Kiva is that you can form lending teams and cheer together. Team Runako is one of many teams on Kiva.org that you can join. And I would welcome your partnership in helping alleviate poverty all over the world. If you are already a lender through Kiva, please consider joining up with our team, not only will your lending dollars go towards your individual giving, but it will also go towards our team goal. If you're considering lending with Kiva, also consider joining our team when you sign up for your account. After you join, grab our badge to the left and post it proudly on your site or blog. Trish over at Jewels on a Whim is a member of our team. Trish has sponsored 9 of her own loans through Kiva!! Way to go Trish!! So what are YOU waiting for???

So, join Runako Designs in helping to alleviate poverty by sponsoring a loan through Kiva or through your purchase of the Giving Necklace. Let's make some positive changes in the world together one loan at a time!

To learn about other loans we've sponsored, visit the Positive Changes in the World archive to the right.

Unveiling and Giving,
When I'm not loaning money, I'm making jewelry. check out my designs on my website at Runako Designs


Maria Paray said...

Good going, Dee! How wonderful that you can make such a huge difference in someone's life.

Dee said...

Thanks Maria,

Alexia, I apologize, I accidentally hit reject on your message and could not email you back...thanks for the shout out and for dropping by!

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