Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Package....For Me??

My oh my, what could it be that the post man has delivered so pretty to me? I received my bead soup exchange package in the mail today from Lori Anderson. Lori's my exchange partner and she is putting me up to a beautiful challenge. Ooops, I forgot to photograph the clasps..lets make that a surprise :)
The Bead Soup Swap that I'm participating in is being sponsored by Lori over at Pretty Things. Many jewelry makers will be receiving packages this week packed with odds and ends of pretty things, to challenge their creativity of coming up with some sparkling designs. The Swap will officially take place February 10th, when all participants will post their designs on their blogs for the world to see.

You can start your travels at Pretty Things on the 10th if you're mighty curious and from there let your fingers explore the many blogs participating and allow the eye candy to take you away to the land of beads and baubles.

Unveiling in surprises,

You can find more of my jewelry on my website at Runako Designs


Angelina Fong Designs said...

What a fun idea! Can't see what amazing designs you create out of these!

Pretty Things said...

I hope you can use a few of the beads I sent along -- definitely didn't think you would use them all at once! But you can make some neat earrings out of leftover pairs! :-)

Loretta said...

That's a gorgeous focal bead. Can't wait to see your design. I'm working on mine.

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