Monday, July 20, 2009

Teaching what I know..Over, Under, Pull it Through

One of the things I enjoy most about making jewelry is teaching others how to make it. Whether it be the simplest technique to twisting wire. This weekend I had the opportunity to show my Meet Up Group how to make crochet necklaces with beads. If you'll remember, the last class, didn't go so well for me with the nemo thread, so we've upgraded to silk thread. A tad bit thicker and a lot easier to work with for me. I posted a necklace that I made after that class, and this past weekend, I shared that technique with the ladies.
It's always fun to watch and listen to how the ladies react to the different techniques. Saturday there was less talking than usual, as they had to count stitches in between beads. When we're doing chain maille, lets just say there's usually a lot of (^%)*&^*& going on. But we always have a great time and we've built some great friendships through out meetings.

A few finished in the alloted time, but those who didn't left with instructions and will hopefully be sporting their finsihed necklace next month. Below are some of the projects worked on.
If you have a craft that you enjoy making, try sharing a few techniques with some friends or strangers through a class or Meet Up Group. It makes for great fun and builds good friendships.

Unveiling and teaching,


Pretty Things said...

I taught a class this weekend, too -- isn't it fun?

Dee said...

It really is Lori, and the other thing the regulars tend to do is sit in the same seats, LOL. They are such a great group of women.

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