Thursday, July 2, 2009

I've been TAGGED!!...You Might be Next!

For weeks I've been reading other blogs watching folks get tagged online to reveal interesting facts about themselves to their readers. Secretly, I've been crossing my fingers that I'd get skipped....NOT!

Today, my dearest blogger friend Angelina over at Angelina Fongs Designs (lovely pillow designer I might add) tagged me when my back was turned! Angelina was not playing very nicely in the sand box now was she?

So now it's my turn to share with you 10 interesting facts about myself then tag 10 others. Stop holding your breath out there!

Okay, so this should have been an easy task right? Well, it took longer than I thought but here goes:

1. My real name is Deborah Gordon! When growing up, my cousin used to call me Dee, we worked together after high school and everyone else just picked up on the name, I've been working with the same company for 23 years and it just stuck!

2. While growing up, I started working when I was 10 years old! My first job was on an ice cream truck, then a waitress and cook at a restaurant. My father owned both businesses. Needless to say, treats were never known as a delicacy in my house!

3. Two foods I DO NOT LIKE...watermelon and crabs! Both were of an abundance in my household growing father ate them all the time...literally folks, most times leaving for us to clean up the mess...hence the aversion to this day.

4. My favorite dog is the Miniature Schnauzer...absolutely love them!

5. I went to parochial school for 13 years, hence my aversion to anything pleated or plaid!

6. I have a 12 year old son, who's going through adolescence, please pray for him today and here after.

7. I babysit adults all day job is as a Human Resource Manager for a Manufacturing/Transportation facility.

8. I've NEVER seen Dancing with the Stars or American Idol..okay, you can pick your jaw up now!

9. I'm deathly afraid of flying! Never done it, and have no vacation plans that include it.

10. I love chocolate, but hate chocolate ice cream. My favorite ice cream is Butter Pecan.

Now, it's your turn...Tag Your It!

1. KMT Graphic Design
2. Maria Paray Designs
3. Designs by Loretta
4. Pretty Things
5. Jewelry Money and Helping Others
6. Caly's Day At The Beach
7. Kizz... Day to Day
8. Swan of Dreams
9. Cre8tiva Blog
10. A Virtuous Woman

You can find Dee's jewelry creations at Runako Designs


Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

I loathe watermelon too!!! The smell of if literally makes me sick to my stomach.

I love crabs though. I guess being from the Chesapeake area where crabs rule make it a no-brainer. My mom was the crab-eating queen. She could put away a bushel by herself in no time flat! I run a close second:-D

Maria Paray said...

Oh, dear - and I was just looking for the nice post where you bestowed a wonderful award on me, so that I could do the same for others. I can't seem to find it :-(

I'm away for a few days but will try to do this one more promptly! (I said try!)

Thanks! (I think, LOL)

Runako Designs by Dee said...

What's strange Patrice is that I craved it when I was pregnant, and haven't touched it were only saved by the fact that I know you recently were tagged! LOL

Hey Maria, I understand, have fun in St. Thomas!!

Angelina Fong Designs said...

Sorry Dee... I got ya when you weren't looking. = P

Wow, working since you were 10 years old?! I now see where you got your drive and ambition from!

Crystal from KIZZ said...

Well DEE!!! LOL No worries! I'm glad you were tagged. very cool onfo about you! hhmmmm i lov watermelon and crab....always had watermelon but not much crab. I think its the butter that I really like 8) I will unveil me very soon!
Thanx for the tag, my friend!

Shell said...

I love chocolate but hate chocolate ice cream too. Some people don't get that. Glad you do. I do my ten soon on my blog.

Charlene said...

Thanks for the tag--I'll be working on my "reveal" this week!

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