Saturday, July 4, 2009

Proud to be an American!!

The 4th of July is Independence Day in the United States. It is the celebration of the birth of the United States and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It is also a day to proudly display the American flag. We have so much to be thankful for living in the U.S. so, I hope that each of you are celebrating in your own way, be it picnics, cookouts or fireworks later tonight. As I child I remember going to see the fireworks here in town and while other events end with a firework show, there's nothing like a grand finale 4th of July showing. I leave you here today with a video that has no political or racial meaning behind it, but one that touched me emotionally this morning. This video to me represents a time in American where we have come together as ONE and not divided to make a difference around the world..and it makes me very proud to be an American. Leave me a comment and let me know why you're proud to be an American, I'd love to hear.

Happy 4th Everyone!!



kMT graphic design said...

Great video Dee! As a country, we have always been idealistic. We have always strived to reach the highest societial goals of freedoms; civil rights, freedom of speech, freedom from tyranny, and religious freedoms. Historically, we have grossly missed that mark many times, and we still have a long way to go. But the night I watched President Obama become our 44th president, I was truly proud of our country. I was proud that we were finally ready to make good on those famous words "all men are created equal". My hope is that the election of our first African American president is the catalyst of a chain reaction that brings the same opportunities and freedoms to all oppressed groups of people in our country...because I'm an idealistic American too, and that hope for a better future (and willingness to fight for it) is what makes Americans who they are.

Shell said...

I am proud to be an American because it's a place where dreams still can come true no matter what your background is.

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