Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm Claiming it..So It Must be Mine!

I'm a true believer in that you will never get better, move ahead or grow, if you don't take some chances, step outside of your comfort zone and make some real "firsts". Goodness knows, I've challenged myself the past few years with a few things that have taken me outside of my comfort zone, like Toastmasters, Teaching classes, singing in the church choir...okay, that didn't last long, but only because of my schedule?? My point is.... with each new thing I challenge myself with, I've gotten better.

I remember my first craft show, now that was a real hoot! It was a very small one, mind you, but it was my first. It was a combination craft show/yard sale and it cost me $25.00! I had nothing, but a cd rack, some baskets, homemade props and some crooked table covering as you can see!!

Now... before you start laughing, I must tell you something about this show, not only was it my first, but I've continued to participate in this same show for the past three years, twice a year. Why? Because the proceeds benefit Relay for Life, I've done some great networking here, the customers from this show were my first test market outside of family and friends and the customers from this show are the ones who convinced me that I was on the right track with my jewelry designs. My show display has much improved over the years, and it's still a work in progress. I try to remain very humble in my business and keeping these photos around helps me to remember where I came from and who helped me get here.

So, why am I talking to you about firsts you're probably wondering. Well, today I entered my first Juried show! I've entered others that have requested photos of my pieces and called themselves juried shows, but I put them in a different category. Today I had to actually deliver 5 pieces to the committee location with resume and descriptions....Now that's a FIRST! I had to step it up a notch by adding a few new design originals that showed my capabilities and used different mediums. This local show only opens up to a few new artists every year, so I was pleased to have been selected to even submit my samples.

Now, am I excited, absolutely! but am I humble? You better believe it! If I get into this show, I'll be happier than a runaway pig, and I'll definitely be challenged to take my designs to a different level by October. If I don't make it this year, I'll definitely be applying again next year and to a few others, because I'm ready to take it to the next level and I've already claimed my spot in somebody's Juried show, and I'm not giving up until I make it! And after that....there will be another first somewhere waiting!

Think about a first you've been waiting to take on? challenge yourself over the next couple of months and JUST DO IT!!

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Maria said...

You go Girl! I've been MIA doing the very same thing, applying to a juried show. All great minds think alike :-)

Good luck!

Chrisy said...

Ahhh they'd be lucky to have you! Hope you get to be 'happier than a runaway pig'!
ps There's a giveaway for a couple of my anatomical plates that you, or somebody you know, might like...head over to http://aussie-handmade-giveaway.com

Chickenbells said...

Congrats on the juried show! I will be crossing my fingers for you. I totally agree with you talking about challenging yourself...I don't think you ever really know what you're capable until you really stretch beyond where you perceive yourself to be!

Angelina Fong Designs said...

You go! Congrat Dee! I'm keeping my fingers crossed they pick you to be a part of the show. Your designs are so beautiful I don't know how they can NOT pick you! Your drive and ambition are truly inspiring! (I know I need to start getting my butt invovled in some craft shows. That will be my next challenge).

Runako Designs by Dee said...

Thanks for the well wishes everyone!Yes you must Angelina, your designs are fabulous!

Trish said...

Thanks for that post! Seeing your fist table... and sharing your story has helped me a lot. I'm aware of going beyond one's limits, but where jewelry is concerned this is all a new frontier for me. Thanks for sharing. It's great you keep those 1st photos/it's awesome you're willing to share them.

With your ambition/determination, you will get any where you want to go! P.S. I would have entered your contest, but I can't wear earrings. None. I'm allergic to every thing (where my ears are concerned)...Bummer! I can't wear any metal. It's gotten worse as I have aged. Most things get worse as we age??? But, our attitude doesn't! It can get better!
Thanks again for the post.

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