Friday, February 20, 2009

Runako Designs -Caught in the Shower

Remember those Beads for Life beads...well, I accidentally found out last night just how durable those little beauties are! A co-worker purchased a bracelet I made with them and she had been asking me for weeks, "can they get wet." Naturally I told her, I wouldn't recommend soaking them in water, but a little sprinkle here and there, probably wouldn't hurt...say if you got caught in the rain. Little did I know, I'd get caught in the shower! before I thought about it, I was almost finished showering when I remembered that I had on a necklace with a paper bead pendant attached....inhale loudly with me! Of course I panicked, but I completed my wash, dried the pendant and low and behold it was Okay! So for any of you wondering how a paper bead holds up in's the results from my water durability test! below is the necklace after showering. Good as new!
Now exhaling,


plumjewels said...

It still looks perfect Dee! What a pretty bead, simply set.

Runako Designs by Dee said...

Thanks Maria

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