Thursday, February 19, 2009

Runako Designs - Oh Dear!

Has it really been a week??? Oh dear...I truly apologize. I've been inundated with a "things to do" list from my son's scouting and school and its just been crazy. Not a ton of Valentines orders, but oddly enough...several birthday orders...go figure. I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day. I've been busy making up some things and I actually got an idea for the Beads for I'll share all of that with you over the next few days.

This was a custom ordered set for a co-workers 19 year old daughter that I delivered this week. She requested February's stone color, so I used an Amethyst colored crystal. The earrings were one of those projects you ponder over for hours....yes believe it or not folks, some of these designs, don't just come to me...remember the beads from Ghana?? Well, I was trying to come up with a style that a teen would like. I completed the teardrop shape first...then remembered, I forgot to incorporate the birthstone colors before closing up the wire. After twisting and tangling up several pieces of wire, trying to avoid opening these earrings up again, I accidentally came up with this diagonal wrap and there ya go...She loved them! I'm thinking of making these a regular at the shop. I call them "Grace" named after the recipient! (don't forget to click for a closeup)

Next week I'll be testing my ability to get organized and complete a few projects that have been on the shelf. I'm on vacation...I'll keep you posted how how that goes. In the meantime..


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