Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stella and Dot Featured - Bold and Affordable

This fall brings to the jewelry table, not only funky, trendy pieces but many bold statement pieces and Stella and Dot does not fall short in that catagory with their new Fall designs. Featured to the left is the new Artemus Stone Necklace. This necklace has three strands of luxe stones, hand knotted. Lovely green jade, lemon and smoky quartz, and chrysophase come together to create an earthy treasure. You can find this beautiful necklace in my Stella and Dot Boutique.

Dainty is definitely out this season every where you look. Check out this Lee Angel Judi silver tone necklace featured at Neiman Marcus to the right. This necklace sales for $275.00. But wait, what's that? Did you say I can step out in style like that for a fraction of the cost? Thats right As I've said before Stella and Dot offers Hollywood styles at boutique prices and if you like this necklace, you're going to fall in love with the Dot Bib Necklace for $69.00, in black, turquoise or red just below it!

To the left again is a gorgeous piece by Jose and Maria Barrera also sold at Neiman Marcus, 14kt yellow with Citrine, Pearls, tiger eye and many other beautiful stones, but priced at $715.00, you won't make your mortgage. Why not try the Sand and Stone Necklace from Stella and Dot just below it, for only $103, also featuring Citrine Gems, handcrafted glass and sandstone all hand-knotted AND you'll still get that bold glamorous feeling you're looking for and keep your house!

If I still haven't convinced you, take a trek on over to my boutique and check out all the other fabulous styles we have this fall, I promise if you go with Stella and Dot, you won't break the bank and if you host your own party, you'll be the Hostess with not only the Most FREE jewelry, but the best recipes on the block! Call me about hosting a party, we can even do it online or by catalog.

Don't wait, unveil in style and still have a little spending cash left over, you deserve it!


P.S. Tomorrow as previously promised several times, Runako Designs will be unveiled...the shop is finally open folks, and yes I found mistakes last week as previously anticipated. I can't wait to share the link tomorrow so..check back.

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