Sunday, September 28, 2008

Runako Designs - Grand Opening!!

The pages to Runako Designs have officially Unveiled...finally! If there is one major take away from all of this, its don't announce an opening date until the doors are actually open. We ran into some glitches last week, so had to hold off on the unveiling, but its completed and I'm open for business.

I'm still in the process of editing photos and taking pictures, and I'll have to tell you about the process one day soon, because its not an easy task, especially once you decide to insert props into the photo equation. So, as the days roll by, I'll be adding more items to the shop, as well as keeping you updated on anything new or promotions that will be happening. I'm really excited to have the grunt work completed, even though I wasn't the one grunting from a web design stand point, but there is definitely work involved in getting it right. I'm sure I'll learn as I enter this new market and make changes along the way, but I'm just excited to say its done! Click the logo to visit the site and check it out, let me know what you think, pass it along to your family and friends as well. Also, sign up for my newsletter and get your name on the list for member only promotions, and a monthly drawing for a FREE pair of earrings.

Now that the site is up, I can really get back to blogging about the good stuff!


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Anonymous said...

Good Evening, Dee.

I just wanted to let you know that I posted on my blog about your blog. I can't wait to see you this month at the meet-up. I will be coming with Anthony.


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