Monday, September 29, 2008

Runako Designs - Reaching Back

You may remember back in July, when I posted a video about Christian the Lion, I asked you to reach out and communicate with someone you had not spoken to in a while. Well, I did it again recently with an old High School Class Mate. I found Anne on Facebook while searching for my High School. Since that time, she has challenged herself to get back into what she loves..writing. She has challenged herself to write on her new blog 10 minutes, 5 lines, every day. The rules...keep it short, write 5 lines within 10 minutes. Here's a sample:

Start Quote:

"Red Bellied Killer

I put cinder blocks there for a reason; mine, not the black widow's.
I look down into the cave-sized hole from where that red-dot belly
screams at me. It screams hospital visit, ruined plans, disaster. In my
fear-soaked mind, I don't have dominion here, no matter how much
bigger I am, no matter what kind of shoes I have on."

End Quote:

Anne's done a great job so far with her challenge and I look forward to reading her quick stories daily. Even with just 5 lines, they are vivid and though provoking, and some quite funny her stories pull you straight into her world. I invite you to visit her blog, maybe you'll find a challenge in yourself that needs to be unveiled.

Deep in Thought,

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