Sunday, August 17, 2008

What's Your Jewelry Style...Part II

Okay, so you're ready to know your jewelry style. Well, I'll first say that any information I provide is only a guideline. You are not allowed to sue me if you don't receive compliments from my recommendations. Having cleared the air, keep in mind that there are no official rules on what type of jewelry you should wear, but it is a good idea to consider your personal features as well as body type, for a flattering look. It won't take a rocket scientist to have to walk up to you to say, "hey, that necklace is too small for your neck", just a quick look in the mirror, but I will emphasize again, buy what you like!

Part II of this feature will focus on body type for all jewelry, then next feature will deal specifically with facial shapes.


Tall women can were a variety of different necklace types, chokers are extra appealing when they cut between the collar bone. This helps deemphasizes the long neck. Wearing necklaces with the same stone all around is also very flattering. Layering long thin necklaces is also becoming to the taller woman. For bracelets, stay away from delicate pieces, and opt for wider bangles or several bangles that are layered. A full figured tall woman should wear layered smaller bangles or a couple of wide ones at one time. As for Earrings, opt for long and dangling. Longer narrow earrings that help to cover the space between the earlobe and the shoulders. Stay away from tiny studded earrings., they do nothing for you, unless you pair them will something dangling.


Women of average height, can pretty much wear any length necklace, unless you are full figured. Full figured women should avoide necklaces that lay on the breast bone, they tend to give the appearance of being out of proportion. Full figured women should also stay away from very delicate necklaces as they aren't as flattering as a bold statement piece. When selecting bracelets, opt for a wider bracelet before a narrow one, or wear several narrow ones at time. As for earrings, the choices are unlimited, however; consider your facial features and hair styles when making your final selection. Go for the gusto and choose asymmetrical styles, you'll be able to play it off securely.

Petite women should be careful in their selection, as you don't want anything that's going to make you appear shorter or that is over powering. Choose necklaces that are collar length or longer. Longer necklaces should fall below your breast bone, but above your belly button. V shaped necklaces or multiple strands are very flattering. When choosing bracelets, instead of going for that in-style wide enamel bracelet, select several smaller bangles for a look that is more flattering. Earrings should sweep upwards or choose several narrow ones, these options will suite you better than a single wide pair.

When selecting ring styles its important to consider the size of your hands, and the length of your fingers. You don't want to select a marquis cut stone ring if if covers half your fingers...not to mention the discomfort it will cause on your knuckles. Tall women with long fingers can wear just about any style ring, but again make sure its in proportion. Oval and marquis cuts will elongate your hand, so if you are looking to make your hands appear longer, opt for this design.

All of these sample pieces shown can be found at my Stella and Dot boutique Look Book. You'll also find other great designs on the site to choose from that will flatter your fall wardrobe. Remember, it's not what you wear, but how you wear it, so step out next week and unveil yourself. It will not only make you feel good, but you'll be stepping a different tune from everyone else!

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