Sunday, August 24, 2008

Runako Designs - Update

The clock is ticking and it's ticking very fast as far as I'm concerned. The site is in its final stages of development. I would have never been able to say that at the rate I was going building it myself. But Louis at Flare Systems is doing a wonderful job! So, what's left? I've been working on descriptions for jewelry and posting photos and still making some new pieces. I started out giving everything cute little names, but that got old really really quick! I'm having a better time, coming up with the descriptions and writing all about the quality materials and origins of stones. I'm also working on the design for new business cards, gift packaging and marketing.

There are a few things I've learned from all of this and I'll share them with you. First, an online store, or any business for that matter, won't thrive unless You market it consistently. With that in mind, I'm doing some social networking online. Imagine that? In business school we learned that networking face to face is the key to growing a business as well as yourself, however, the newest thing is actually networking with people you've never seen before! It's actually a great thing though, because you can learn from like minded business people and network all over the world. The second thing I've learned is that I can't just sit around and wait for business to find me, I have to find business and spread the word every day to everyone I meet. Handing out business cards have become second nature these days. I give out two cards at a time and ask that they share it with someone else. Third, I only have 1 minute to get someones attention, whether its with my 1 minute commercial or my business card/handout, and I have to focus on what's in it for my customer and why should they do business with me, instead of someone else? Every schpill, flyer, mailing or whatever I'm creating has my customer in mind, because I know that without each of you, I wouldn't be where I am today!

Well, can't blog here all day, I have much more to do to get the site up and ready. Please pass the word along and come back often because we'll be unveiling sooner rather than later!


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