Monday, August 25, 2008

Chocolate and Jewels

No, I have not totally lost my mind. Stay with me now and you'll see where this is going. booking a jewelry party with me soon? How about planning a end of the Summer Bash? Well, several close friends of mine have taken their parties to another level. Not only do they make and sell jewelry, but they are actually having Chocolate Jewels Parties! So what's a chocolate jewels party? Well, they have become Independent Consultants of Dove Chocolates and they are offering delicious chocolate treats as snacks at these must have parties. Now, Dove chocolate is not just any chocolate it is mmmm, mmmmm good chocolate, and if you like chocolate you'll fall in Love with Dove.

Dove offers all sorts of goodies, from Chocolate Martinis to Truffles, Candies, Brownie mixes, Cookies......Oh my goodness I'm drooling! Just check out these Chocolate Turtle Martinis....I can't even imagine!!! Savory Chocolate Steak Sauce...the though just makes my mouth water, and what about ripe juicy Strawberry's dipped in some rich chocolate...uuggh...that's enough!! I've ordered three bottles of the Martini Mix and can't wait to experiment!!

Of course I can't drink it all at once, (key once) so if you're interested in trying it out with some friends, before I go through it all, just book a party in September and drinks are on me! If you can't book party, at least take a stroll over to my colleagues website and order something special for your next party before summer is over. I'll be getting my Mix soon and when my taste buds return to reality, I'll surely let you know of the experience. Visit Davina James from Arizona at her website and order up some chocolate, then contact me about a Girls Night Out! Also check out her blog for updates on monthly specials.

Unveil with Chocolate and Jewels,


Lori Anderson Designs said...

What a cool idea! I get nervous at home parties so don't do them but if I did, how clever!!!!!!! (Just make sure no one touches your goodies with gooey fingers, LOL!)

Runako Designs by Dee said...

Hi Lori,
I'll just have to make sure there are plenty of handy wipes around :)

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