Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blogger Issue Resolved - I can post comments 05/26/2011

This will be a quick post, as I'm exhausted from trying to figure out what was wrong with my blog for three days.  I hope this helps anyone else on my list who is having problems with the unresolved issue or unanswered questions from blogger to date.  My fix may not work for you, but hopefully it will...and hopefully mine is a permanent fix.

I've been unable to leave response comments to those who have left comments on my blog. I've also been unable to leave comments on my fellow blogger pages, without doing so anonymously. It appears that I'm logged into my dashboard, but not signed into my page.  If I try to sign it, it just keeps looping back to the log in page.

My FIX: 
 I suppose this will work with IE or Firefox, but the paths may be different.  It appears that I had to ALLOW third party cookies for blogger.  To limit it to just blogger I followed the following path in IE8:

Tools, internet options, privacy, sites. I entered in the box and clicked allow.  The only other thing I did was changed my comment box to a pop up window.  I then closed my browser window and reopened and now I am logged in on my dashboard, as well as on my page and I can leave comments on my blog and others. 

Unveiling and hopefully helping someone else,


Danielle-Marie said...

Thanks for the help! Got it to work for IE still working on figuring out Google Chrome.

Katie said...

It appears to have worked! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

What a pain in the back-side... I am glad your back..Wahoo we made it the weekend and it's a wonderful HOLIDAY!!!!
Talk to you soon,
Take care!!!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Blogger has been having some issues of late and it's quite disheartening!

Hopefully your trouble will help someone else with this problem in the future-Regardless though, I'm glad you fixed it :)

Dee said...

@ Katie and Danielle, you're welcome.

@ Kayla and Lisa, what a pain, I get frustrated when technology messes up!

Adrian said...

Thanks so much!!! IT WORKED, no floowers, but I acn comment thanks!1

Sharon said...

Thank you!! This worked for me!!! :)

Dee said...

Adrian and Sharon, so glad it worked for you both...and you're very welcome!

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