Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beads For Life - Fair Trade Series Day 11

I might be tired, but I won't go down that easy...that's right I'm back!  Tonight is day 11 of a 14 day series of blogging about Fair Trade.  As we count down to World Fair Trade Day on May 14th, the excitement is building around the country as groups, organizations and individuals prepare to share with others what Fair Trade is all about. 
Tonight I bring to you another great Fair Trade Organization called Beads For Life

Bead for Life eradicates extreme poverty by creating bridges of understanding between impoverished Africans and concerned world citizens. Ugandan women turn colorful recycled paper into beautiful beads, and people who care open their hearts, homes and communities to buy and sell the beads. Since 2004, BeadforLife has provided sustainable income for Ugandan women and their families by selling their beautiful jewelry, handmade from recycled paper. The women are HIV+ mothers, refugees from a brutal civil war, former prostitutes and other impoverished people. Before joining BeadforLife, all of the members struggled to get by on less than $1 a day. BeadforLife acts as a ladder out of poverty, providing women not only income, but entrepreneurial training, business funding, health programs, and the chance for women to build a home of their own.

The beads thus become income, food, medicine, school fees -- and hope. It is a small miracle that enriches us all. All profits from BeadforLife are invested in community development projects that generate income and help people work their way out of poverty.

I designed a bracelet a couple of years ago, that I named "Kaleidescope of Life".  The entire bracelet was made using all Fair Trade components with the exception of the spacer beads. I made 12 bracelets and donated 50% of the proceeds back to Bead for Life. They are beautiful in color and you can wear it with anything. Each bracelet came with a pamphlet that told the story behind Beads for Life, so that the owner could share the story. Of the many things I've sold, these bracelets went like hotcakes..literally! 

Visit the Bead for Life website to find out more about what this great group is doing.  Join the Bead Circle and get updates through their newsletter and emails, meet the beaders through their videos , make a donation or host your own Bead for Life Party, and share the story..they'll tell you how to do it, step by step!   
I absolutely love what Beads for Life is doing. They truly speak the message of empowerment through their project. 
Thanks again for dropping by. After you've had the opportunity to visit the Beads for Life website, I would love to know what you think about the project. If you're already familiar with Beads for life, please share your story and how you work with this group of extraodinary women. 

Until tomorrow...Unveiling,


Lisa @FishyFaceDesigns said...

Your bracelets were so beautiful, I can see why they sold out...It's the cause. Thank you for sharing this information ... I have learned so much!
AND you made it to thursday...Wahoo.... one more day..
Take care!

Dee said...

Thanks weird. Your message just showed up on the 20th...guess blogger is still working on the problem they were having. lol

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