Thursday, March 3, 2011

Traditions Revisited 60 Years in a Row

Twenty-nine years ago, I thought my parents had ruined my life, socially, totally, completely and forever! What they told me was the last thing any girl my age wanted to hear. I was just coming into my own, I was just beginning to socialize and enjoy life, I had entered my teen years - life was starting to look great, I would finally be able to wear my own clothes ~ and then it happend...they told me, they ruined my summer of 1982!

After nine years of wearing plaid at a private, co-ed Catholic, Kindergarten and Grade School (1st through 8th grade), I was sternly informed that I could NOT go to public school and that I HAD to go to St. Gertrudes! - an independent, ALL GIRLS Catholic High School! Four more years of More plaid, more uniforms, more girls and more Nuns!! 

Well, I am happy to report, twenty-nine years later, - that while I thought my life had come to an end, things turned out pretty well, and I made some lifelong friends - and the social life stuff that I was concerned about...well, lets just say, it didn't hurt having a Military BOYS school in the next block!   

So, what does all of this have to do with tradition?  Well, tomorrow night, same time, same place, same Friday... I will be attending the St. Gertrude, annual Song Contest.  Song Contest is a competition amongst grades, where they sing about the traditions and history of the school.  Each grade level votes on a leader (someone with abilities), the students help by writing songs, themed to popular music, tv shows, showtunes, etc.  One song HAS to be the school song and  the judging is based on harmony, movements, coordination and originality. I'm sure there are other things, but you get the gist.  Students dress up in their best plaid skirt, white gloves, dress blazers and pantyhose -  and it's the one time during the year, they DONT have to wear brown loafers!  Winning your Senior year is like making it to the Super's almost a mental must, and if your class never wins a song contest...well as my son says... well, maybe I won't say what my son would say..but I'm sure you understand.   

(that's me...second row from front, 5th person from the left)

Tomorrow night alumni, former teachers, current students and faculty, will gather together for the musical event of the year.  There will be class colors everywhere (old and new),  grades will compete after months of practicing and alumni will go onstage and sing the school song together.."St. Gertrude alma mater, we'll always love you, in all of our thoughts and in all that we do, through trials and tribulations we will every more"...-it's amazing how I still remember that... well, maybe not.  Now that I think about it...when you sing it as much as we did during the year, I guess you might say we're all kinda brainwashed for Song Contest reunions!!  Anyway, there will be an alumni reception, followed by the contest, and more likely than not, private receptions and hanging out aftewards as friends reconnect.  

This has been one tradition that I've truly grown to love each year. With song contest, you don't have to wait for a class reunion every 10 years! 

Do you have a tradition that you celebrate with friends, I'd love to hear about it.  And do you remember your High School Song?  

Unveiling in tradition, 


Heather said...

That is a great story, hope you had a blast last night.
I am sorry for the little delay - I was celebrating a wonderful friends accomplishments last night and didn't get to post the winner of my giveaway until this morning. So please come over and leave me a message because the WINNER IS YOU!!!!

Dee said...

OMG!! that's wonderful news...thank you so very much...heading over now to see what I've won...yeaahhh me!!

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