Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't Purchase Another Organizing Book...

Have no fear, I haven't disappeared again. I just took some time off from work and I've been decluttering around the house and doing a few projects. I'll be back by the weekend, once I dig myself out!

I should write my own book on organizing, since all the ones I've used in the past have steered me in the wrong direction. They've told me to organize and put away, store, give away, put aside for two weeks, then toss and trash.  Well....why do I find myself, doing the same thing every six months?   The past 5 days, I've been writing my own chapter and its titled Clear Your Mind and here's what my philosophy has been:

1. Make Three Piles -  As you approach each room make three piles - organize and put away, give away and trash.

2. Don't Second Guess on Clothes and Shoes - If you haven't used it in 6 months to a year, get rid of it, unless it's something that is definitely an occasional item (holidays, shampooer, seasonal clothes, etc).  Clothes ~ If you haven't worn it in two years, you won't wear it and you probably don't like it...give it away!  If you're busy like I am, you already know you'll never make it to the shoe repair or seamstress...toss it or give it away immediately! WARNING: stick to this rule closely, there's a little angel that will sit upon your shoulder, telling you otherwise ~ KNOCK HIM OFF!

3. They'll never know - Gifts that you received and never used or wore, will never go unnoticed by the giver, give it away.

4. Do It Before They Get Home -  If it it belongs to your child or husband, and they haven't used it in a year, get rid of it before they get home or while they are out of the house.  If they do miss it...it's too late to get it back, and they'll get over it!

5. Cry and Move On - This is in regards to items your child has made or that you've been saving.  Take a picture if its a gadget or something of that sort and purchase a memory book from the craft store.  Go through your bucket of old cards and crafts they've made over the years that are flat. here's the  key ~ if it brings tears to your eyes or makes you wail up, put it aside to go in the memory book; otherwise, in the trash it goes.  I realized personally these things can definitely accumulate, I have a bucket from nursery school!!! now I have photos and about 15 pieces of art works for my memory book.  WARNING: If everything makes you cray...get counseling, then TRASH IT!

6. Dishes/Kitchen Gadgets - Okay, we may differ here, BUT it's my philosphy and I'm sticking to it...it's too late anyway, I already gave it away!  If you have old China, dishes, or kitchen gadgets that were gifts and you never used it, give it to a charity or church for someone who NEEDS it (fire loss, etc).  I had china that was still in the box from the store from my wedding..hopefully it will be of useful to someone else.  Okay, the silver I held on to...gonna take that somewhere and hopefully sell it.  Crazy I am NOT!

7.  DO NOT PURCHASE ANY STORAGE BINS AT THIS TIME - It's a trick I tell ya!  Give it away IMMEDIATELY!

8. YARD SALES ARE A GIMMICK ~ DON'T GIVE IN TO THE TEMPTATION - Unless you plan to have a yard sale in the next two weeks that you've posted for or have already paid to participate in , and this is a DEFINITE - GIVE IT AWAY!! If you are a busy mom like I am, it will NEVER happen and you'll end up storing it and going through it again next year or in 6 months.  That same little angel will have climbed back upon your shoulder when your thinking about this..KNOCK HIM OFF AGAIN, but this time put him in the GIVE AWAY STACK!! 

My way is probably definitely not for the weak at heart, but if you're serious about decluttering soon and giving yourself some piece of mind, follow the above steps and you'll be feeling better in not time!

Unveiling in a mess,


Regina said...

Great advice, i like what you have to say, and no I will not buy the how to book. Thank you.

Tourmaline2777 said...

Good tips! And I'm a huge fan of re-gifting and throwing stuff out when no one is home. They'll never know.

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

These are all some great tips Dee! Seriously, you should see me nodding my head at some of these right now-Some of these that I, myself, had made the mistake of doing o.O

I think your book is going to be amazing!! Good luck and let me know when it's out so I can snag myself a copy xD

Brandi said...

Great Advice! I will keep these tips in mind as I help my Father in law declutter his apartment! Ugh...so not looking forward to that!

alankarshilpa said...

Dee, Thank YOU for unveiling your wonderful thought with us. It's like dieting, we know it all, the hard part is - implementing regularly. You have started it and that enthuses me.

Dee said...

@alankarshilpa it was so peaceful to be on vacation and not have to clean or declutter this week, thanks to the above post.

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