Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Changing Lives - Team Runako Kiva Update

We've done it again - Loans are being repaid and we've been able to sponsor our 13th loan!  Those who know me, also know how excited I am about posting updates about Kiva Loans!  If you'd like to learn more about other loans we've sponsored, please click on the Kiva link to the left of this page to see what all my excitement is about. 

Loan Updates
Team Runako has nine (9) loans repaid in full,  1 repaid 20% and 1 repaid 47%, the 12th loan was from one of our members. Our default percentage has been zero.  Of the last two loans made a few months ago, the group from the Dominican Republic has already repaid 47% back.  These numbers in my opinion say so much for these ambitious entreprenuers...and I'm totally excited about what they've been doing.  One of the great things about Kiva, is they provide lenders with updates on the recipients and how their businesses are coming along, making the total experience so worthwhile and personal.   Next up...

What's New?    

Meet Flordeliza Penserga of the Phillipines

Flordeliza is a 50 year old widow from the Phillipines.  She supports her family with three businesses ventures - fishing, fish vending and manicure and pedicure services.  She wanted something better for her family and has had 4 other loans in the past that have slowly helped her and her family lift themselves out of poverty. By the sweat of her brow, her first loan allowed her to improve the standard of living for her family and this loan will help her to purchase new fishing gear and equipment.   

THAT my friends is what Kiva is all about and THAT is why I lend.  It's not about giving to help with a need, it's about giving to help someone learn to help themselves.  Giving through Kiva enables others to learn a new skill or build their business, allowing them to better themselves and their family and alleviate poverty.  

Another great thing about lending through Kiva is that you can cheer for the success of your entrepreneurs. You can form lending teams and cheer together. Team Runako is one of many teams on Kiva.org that you can join. And I would welcome your partnership in helping alleviate poverty all over the world. If you are already a lender through Kiva, please consider joining up with our team, not only will your lending dollars go towards your individual giving, but it will also go towards our team goal. If you're considering lending with Kiva, also consider joining our team when you sign up for your account. After you join, grab our badge to the right and post it proudly on your site or blog.

Unveiling and lifting others,
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