Monday, February 21, 2011

Bead Soup - Pop Art Style

Well, you didn't think I'd show you the actual finished design did you??  You'll have to come back on the 26th for that!

What you see above is actually my sketch from last night.  Early in the evening yesterday I pulled out my soup mix and played with it.  If it was play-doh I tell ya, it would have been all over my fingers.  I mixed and matched and twisted and turned and pulled and touched and moved things around quite a bit.  When it was
 time to go to bed, I left everything where it was, covered things up with a tarnish fabric and turned out the lights. Once my brain finally slowed down and stopped multi-tasking...(45 minutes later). I closed my eyes and BAM!!  I saw it, I saw the necklace I wanted to create! My brain woke up at this moment as well and said "GET UP..sketch it before you forget it!" - the rest is history or shall I say Pop Art! 

Soooooo, come on back Saturday, February 26th, when the Bead Soup Party  hosted and created by Lori Anderson  is  oficially revealed for all 200 and more participants.  we'll be waiting for you and I'm certain you wont be disappointed by anything you see!

Unveiling, but not really!

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