Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Favorite Things Thursday - Shop MollyD

Every Thursday, I plan to post my favorite things.  If Oprah can have them, why can't I?

Today's favorite things come from the one and only Shop MollyD!  Shop MollyD is run by Brooke Shenson, she's a school teacher by day and an outstanding artist by night...did I mention a great friend as well?  Brooke's sidekick's name is Molly.  Molly came to Brooke's family as a result of an urgent call from the SPCA vet. Her time was up and she needed a forever home within the next few hours! Molly loves making new friends as is apparent from her 1800 friends on her facebook page!  Her philosophy of life is to eat any treat that is offered to you, always accept compliments and petting (because they are of course deserved!), and there is no problem that cuddling on the couch can’t fix.

Brooke and Molly's speciality is creating accessories for pet lovers as well as giving back to animal rescue shelters and helping pets in need.  There should leave no questions as to why I'm crazy about these two!  Their work is original, well crafted and made from love. Brooke's ability to tranform an idea into a purse, cup cover, wallet or magnet is unbelievable.  Below are snapshots of two of my purchases from ShopMollyD and you should clearly be able to see why these girls fall into my favorite things catagory!  Molly gets a little queasy about doing special orders for cats, but she puts just as much love into making the finished product!  

This was a recent special order to remember my long gone "Kareem" Brooke and Molly took my idea and ran with it.  I loved the finished Checkbook cover and have received many compliments on the design as well as the craftmanship.  I showed this little beauty around and immediately got 3 more orders for them that same day!

Custom Order for Dee
This carrying bag, was also a special order for a dear friend of mine from last Christmas. All I have to say is she absolutely loved it and still does!!  The picture does this one no justice, the bag is absolutely adorable and once again, crafted very very well!

You can find more of these great products...well not these because they were special orders for me, but more products like these and other great pet lover gifts at ShopMollyD on Etsy.  

If you make a purchase, I'd love to hear what you think.  I know neither I nor Brooke and Molly will be surprised!

Unveiling my favorite things,

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