Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Be Profitable in Your Jewelry Business...

Five short years ago, I decided to start my own jewelry business. Having zero knowledge of anything beyond making one pattern of a bracelet and some very simple earrings, I was pretty much on my own. I had done direct sales before, so I wasn't totally lost in the business arena, but I was clueless on how to run a jewelry business, let alone a successful one. I really can't remember how I ran across this particular website 5 years ago, but it has probably been my most used resource for starting and continuing to run my business today.

The Home Jewelry Business Success Resource operated by Rena Klingenberg is probably one of the THE most used web resources for people wanting to start their own jewelry business. Rena like other great leaders in the world recognizes that she doesn't have the answers to everything, although she knows quite a lot, has created this wonderful website, chocked full of valuable information from her knowledge as a business owner and designer as well as other business owners around the world, and her site has become a huge success!

When you visit Home Jewelry Business Success Resource, (we'll call it BSR for now), what you'll find is a mini operated Small Jewelry Business Administration, is what I like to call it. There is information on everything from how to start your business, to pricing, to taking photos, to building websites, starting blogs and the list goes on and on, literally on the left side of the page.

Rena also has a newsletter that comes out twice a month, that is a must receive for anyone in the business, plus, you'll receive USEFUL mini tips all month long from she and other readers. I emphasize useful because there is always some tid bit of information I can use. Rena's mailings are probably the longest running correspondence I've ever elected to receive! AND, I'm not finished...then there's the Jewelry Business Blog, where you'll find tutorials, and photos, e-books and so much more!

Rena has truly been an inspiration to me in my business and starting my own blog. Not only is she a wonderful writer and teacher, but she's also a very talented jewelry designer. If you're thinking about starting your own jewelry business or need help with the one you have, I strongly encourage you to visit BSR, bookmark it, sign up for the newsletters and read often.

If you're familiar with Rena's site, I'd love for you to leave your comments about how her resources have helped you!

Unveiling and sharing,


Kat Sanders said...

Interesting! I'll have to check that out!

Laurie said...

Dee, I couldn't have said it better myself. Rena has inspired me, taught me, and encouraged me. All of this comes from her newsletters, e-books (I got them as hard copy cuz I'm old school!) and her website.
Reading her info is like listening to her talk to you as a friend. And when you check out her jewelry...well let's just say writing isn't her only talent!
I'm very thankful I stumbled across her information.

Maria Paray said...

Rena's site is an endless fount of information and such a wonderful community, what with all the contributors (you know who you are!)

Rena Klingenberg said...

Dee, thank you so much for your kind post and thoughtful comments! You really made my day with all your lovely feedback here. :)

@Laurie and Maria, I really appreciate your comments and hearing how much my sites / books have helped you!

Thank you all again! :)

Dee said...

No Rena...Thank you!!

Linda Landig Contemporary Artisan Jewelry said...

Rena has been invaluable to me in my jewelry business. For years I sold locally and consulted Rena for tips on booth design, how to close a sale--you name it. Last summer I started a website and again I scoured Rena's website for information. I needed to learn so much and just about everything I needed was at BSR and all organized by topic. Now I'm thinking about adding a blog and guess where I'm looking for guidance?!

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