Monday, April 13, 2009

This weeks Cluttercast winner!

Our Cluttercatcher this week is Melissa Cox! Congratulations Melissa, I hope you enjoy wearing this necklace set as much as I've enjoyed looking at it! Contact me via email so that I can get your mailing information and don't forget to send us photos of you in your new blings! I'll be Cluttercatching every Thursday, til all my goodies area gone, don't forget to visit this week, you may be the next Cluttercather. And don't forget to visit Darryl at, EVERY WEEK, from now until who knows, she's got tons of stuff :)

While, I'm making announcements, the winner of the necklace naming contest was KMTGraphic Designs. The necklace was named Menat Dancing. A Menat is a Egyptian Scarab, it means invoking divine favor and I sure do favor this complete set. The design favors a menat. I like the sound too. Congratulations Tara. Contact me about sending your earrings.


1 comment:

kMT graphic design said...

YAY! I won! Thanks so much Dee, I can't wait to try those earrings on!

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