Sunday, April 12, 2009

Living Jewelry...Saaaaay whaaaat???

Well, not exactly, but they looked pretty darn real to me! I first saw this ring a month or so ago, and immediately thought to myself...why would anyone want to buy jewelry you'll have to mow?? But then I kept reading and thought WOW...who would have thought? You must know, my brain runs slow every now and again.

Well, the answer is Amy Mueller of Adorn's Jewelry in Seattle. Amy's Living Jewelry collection has been featured in Better Homes and Garden, Daily Candy, Urban Fashion Network and more. These original pieces are definitely getting a lot of attention these days.

Amy uses hand-cut faux moss, and silver plated rings to make these great conversation starters. Gardening isn't my strong point, so these pieces are right up my alley. That's right, no sun light, NO weeding, NO watering and definitely NO mowing!

If you're an avid gardener, Green supporter or just like wearing original and unique pieces, or looking for a great budget gift idea for a gardener, you need to visit Amy's Etsy Shop. Amy has several other Moss designs, you have to check out. My favorite right now is the Gather Square Pendant. Visit Amy's shop then come back and leave me a comment and tell me which one you fav.

Unveiling and Gardening,


Kim said...

I have seen these , Dee. Probably at her shop , but I don't recall exactly where at the moment.
My favorites are the nests , I'd like to make some too!

Linda -- A-Z Jewelry Design said...

I also took a double take when I saw these, and the rest of her work. How creative and wonderful!

kMT graphic design said...

Those are pretty cool! But, I'm pretty sure I would still kill it even though it takes no gardening...Sigh, my green thumb has never worked very well! Neat idea, I love innovation :)

Pretty Things said...

I've always loved these!

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