Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm Just Going to Give It Away!!

(I'll tell you at the end how you can win this FREE)

Okay, so, last night I'm making up a list of things to do today, then I visit a few of my favorite blogs. While reading through last night I ran across a great post on Monkey's Momma, where she had won a Pink Prada Bag! Curious of course I follow her link to a site called Cluttercast. Darryle Pollack has come up with a great idea for getting rid of her clutter by giving it away!...that's right giving it away...FREE, all you pay is Priority shipping! Her vision was inspired by her New Years resolution to clear it out! Darryle says, "Cluttercasting is a new way of giving and a way to bring people together in the spirit of President Obama and the mood of the country right now". It also helps her get rid of the clutter in her own home. Notice I didn't say junk, clutter is a "confused multi-tude of things"...big difference! Darryle just gave away a brand new HP photo printer this week!

Cluttercast - Connecting through Clutter!

So, in the spirit of keeping up with the mood, I've decided to Cluttercast a few items of my own over the next few months...starting today! So join as a follower or grab my feed, so you don't miss a single Cluttercast post.

I purchased this necklace and earring set two Christmas' ago from Kohl's, never worn, and still in the packaging and in excellent condition. Don't get me wrong, I think the set is beautiful; however, I've committed to only wearing my own jewelry that I make, and pieces of other jewelry designers that are handmade. So, instead of putting it in the bag to take to Goodwill, I'm doing a little Goodwill of my own and GIVING IT AWAY!

If you like this set, all you have to do is post a comment below. If you know someone else who might like it, please past the post along to them. On Monday, I'll be selecting a recipient and announcing them in a post. The only thing I ask if you win, is that you send me a photo of you in the necklace when you receive it, so that I can post about your Cluttercatch! Visit frequently, where you may be able to win some other great items.

Unveiling and decluttering,


Melissa Cox said...

Dee, This is a gorgeous set and I am stunned that you would just give it away. I'll be glad to go along with your decluttering!

Yumi Shinoda said...

beatifull ! =)

Darryle said...

Dee, This set is beautiful--and so is your heart. How wonderful that you are doing this! Keep me posted on all your cluttercasts!

Runako Designs by Dee said...

Thanks Darryle! It doesn't compete with what you're giving away over at Cluttercasts, but it sure feels good!

Vicki Bensinger said...

Dee waht a fabulous idea. My husband would love it if I would do the same thing. Unfortunately I wouldn't even know where to begin. I'm sure you'll have lots of takers.

The necklace is beautiful by the way.

Maria said...

Dee, I'm also committed to wearing my own designs, or a few favorites, so don't include me in giveaway - but what a great idea this is! Love Darryle's site - what a freeing concept :-)

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