Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Take A Fair Trade Coffee Break - May 9th

Well, I guess I have some splainig to do! Last week, I told you I was preparing for my Toastmasters speech. Well, that went well, except to my surprise and everyone else's I got so wrapped up in my presentation that I went over by 2 minutes!!! That's a big no, no in Toastmasters, because one of the things they emphasize is paying attention to your time...oh well, it was only my second speech and I just got so caught up in it, I couldn't stop.

The title of my speech was Empowering and the subject was Fair Trade. My speech was to encourage the audience to consider purchasing Fair Trade for future gift giving or self use. When I got home, I was still a little excited at the response. I had the crazy idea of starting another blog about Fair Trade, and a little something extra, as I use Fair Trade components frequently in my own designs, as well as gift giving and personal usage. Well reality settled in last night and the great idea from last week, didn't sound so good once I added into that equation 5th grade homework, soccer practice, soccer games, jewelry business, jewelry classes, 40 hour job, blog, twitter, facebook, website, cafe mom, yahoo groups, craft shows, home repairs, etc...I think you're getting the picture as well!

So, I Googled, and I ran across this great website called Fair Trade Resource Network. It's filled with great information and resources about Fair Trade, news updates, and more. FTRN is an information hub designed to grow the fair trade movement, so I figured why recreate the wheel? I'll just refer to their site through my blog and blog more about Fair Trade... problem solved, itch scratched!

So, what's the GREAT news!!? Well on May 9th, I'd like to invite you to hold a Fair Trade Coffee Break in your town. You can hold an event with your church, at your home, in the community, etc. It can be simple to extravagant...that's your choice. All you have to do is hold an event and post it on their site, and it will count towards their attempt to break the record in North America for the most Fair Trade Events around or during Fair Trade Week..May 9th.

I'll be hosting a Fair Trade Coffee Break at my home on the 9th. Where I'll be introducing my friends and neighbors to Fair Trade. I'll be having Fair Trade coffee and baked goods and literature for them to learn more about these great products..will you join me?

If you decide to hold an event or think your interested, please post a comment and let me know. Also, please visit FTRN website to learn more about what they are doing and this great event!

Unveiling and Changing the World,

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