Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Runako Designs - Time to Vote Again!

As you know I've entered a contest at Start up Nation and the contest is in it's final month. Runako Designs is being featured as an up and coming new business. The website is a great place for entreprenueurs to share, learn and network. The contest is for any mom with a home business, and web site, interested in growing. 200 lucky participants will be featured for the remainder of the year on their website, national news broadcasts and other featured websites and vendor lists. It will be a great opportunity for those who win, to expose their product lines, and get noticed by millions of people. Please take a minute to read my profile and if inspired by my reason to be selected, I would appreciate the points. Thanks in advance!
Vote For Us in the StartupNation Leading Moms in Business Competition can vote daily, actually its encouraged..go figure?


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