Friday, March 6, 2009

Runako Designs Quick Tip - The Best Things in Life

Some of the best things in life are free, some of the next best things in life are great deals and I've got a quick tip today that should get you both and help put some money back in your piggy bank (cute piggie offered at !

If you shop online, you already know that you can get some great deals, especially during the holiday, even from your local retailers, which I'll remind you is a very important thing to do right now. There's also a lot of great FREE offers and coupons out there if you look hard enough. But before you go off Googling for Free offers and coupons, I want to remind you to be very cautious about the information you provide and the giving out of your credit card information, for shipping cost, which some places ask for. I do recommend that you set up a separate email account with yahoo, or MSN, because once you start signing up, the flood gates will open with lots of mail, and some of it will be junk! But just like shopping at a yard sale or salvage barn, if you look hard enough a treasure will be found, and always go with a reputable recommendation.

That leads me to a website created by Stephanie Nelson. Oprah featured Stephanie recently on her show about The Thriftiest Family in America, where she was challenged to buy a weeks worth of groceries at half the price! Couponmom is a great site. When you visit, you'll find:
  • Free Membership
  • coupons by store, by state
  • Virtual Coupon Organizers
  • Restaurant coupons
  • Online coupon codes and printable coupons
  • Military coupon program
  • FREE Offers and much much more
I haven't finished looking around, but what I've seen so far is adding up to savings!! I'm about to cut my grocery bill in half this about you? If you know of some great online sites that you've used to save money, leave a comment and let us know.

Uveiling and saving,

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