Monday, January 26, 2009

Runako Designs - What's Happening

I've been playing around with my Kazuri beads again. I just love the artistry behind these little gems and as you know, Kazuri means small and beautiful in Swahili. I sold bracelets and several necklaces so fast during the holiday, I never got a chance to post and sell on the site. These black and platinum coated beads made coming up with a design easy. Kazuri beads are hand shaped, painted and glazed by hand in Nairobi, Kenya, by a select group of women and a handful of men. They are a Fair Trade item, so the men and women who make these beads earn above minimum wage. Having the ability to work for Kazuri, provides them with wages to care for their families, hospitalization and heath care. If you're interested in this piece, contact me, it's not available on the website just yet. You can also check out other Kazuri items on the site. at



plumjewels said...

Lovely necklace. I like the way the open silver links lighten up the design - nicely balanced!

Runako Designs by Dee said...

Thanks Maria, It's become a favorite, the silver spacers are Hill Tribe Beads.

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