Saturday, January 24, 2009

Runako Designs - DIY

I've been working on a few long overdue projects today, but I've been pretty pleased with the results. One thing in particular are personalized earring and necklace cards. I've been using the standard plastic card that you see in most stores, but wanted to come up with something a little more personalized. So after taking a trip to the paper store and sitting in front of the computer, making sure I got the right dimensions, copy pasting, backspacing, deleting and pulling my hair out from working with Word, I finally finished. Nothing fancy, but the cards look great on my display stand, and will pack nicely in an air tight container with tarnish strips...easy pack and more plastic baggies, and I can now write the materials used on the cards, AND they each have my contact information on the back. The downside....I had to cut them all out!! Excuse the crooked earring, it would not cooperate with the scanner tonight.

Unveiling and tired,


plumjewels said...

Love your new earring cards. Your logo looks very pretty on it. Is that a handmade paper?

Runako Designs by Dee said...

Thank you, it's paper I purchased from the scrap booking shop.

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