Monday, January 19, 2009

Runako Designs - 2009 Inauguration Jewelry

The 2009 Inauguration in Washington DC will be a day remembered, and fashion and jewelry designers are making sure you don't miss your chance for a commemorative item. There are commemorative jewelry designs popping up all over the place this year and some are priced for the elite, while others are a little more budget friendly. Check out this Obama watch from HSN for $49.95. Here's another beauty priced at $36,000!! Available in Washington DC at Ginger and Chas Schwartz & Son. Pearls seem to be a favorite of our soon to be first lady, so I'm sure they will be selling like hot cakes for this weekend and next weeks events. So, if you haven't purchased anything yet to commemorate this historical event or your trip to DC if you have one planned, just scout the internet, because there are truly a vast number of different items to be had from every price range. If it's pearls you want custom designed to your likings, I can surely make that happen!

Unveil with Change,

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Isabel said...

I am very much excited about Runako Designs 2009 inauguration jewelry. Certainly visit HSN to check out Obama watch.

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