Saturday, October 4, 2008

Following Jewelry on the Campaign trail Pt. I

Okay, so as I started saying yesterday, there is a lot of great fashion I'm sure you are all checking out during this years campaign. You can't miss it, because we have four women being seen almost daily. What is it? Why this year more so than others? I think the reason is for starters there are four women and second, they are styles to definitely be mocked. Between Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain, it's a weekly throw down. So, let's take a look at all the ladies and see what they've been wearing that's caught all the attention.

There is definitely much to be said about the pearls this season. All four women have been seen wearing Pearls. Pearls as you know are not gemstones, but they are considered precious gems, and most certainly every woman has some. Jackie Kennedy was well known during her time as First Lady, to be very fashionable and pearls were front and center in so many of her photos. This year on the campaign trail Michelle Obama Cindy McCain, Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, keep true to Jackie Kennedy's tradition. Whether dressed up for a night on the town or hanging out in a Parka, pearls have been spotted often by these four Divas.

Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton, keep the pearls dressed up, While Governer Palin, shows that Pearls can be worn anytime. This Fall, you'll see plenty of Pearl necklaces with more than two strands of small pearls, one strand of large Pearls, mixed color pearls and some accented with a very fashionable vintage brooch off to the side.

Another trend this season that the fashion divas aren't passing up are the bold statement pieces you'll see often worn by Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain. These two ladies are Fashion Diva's in their own rights. Right on track with Fall trends are colors that stand out, designs that are eye catching, double strands and bold gemstones. Michelle Obama, typically plays it safe with her colors, but not styles, while Cindy McCain is definitely into vibrant colors and safe styles. Hilliary Clinton is no black/white photo by comparison either, as she will often makes statements with more conservative pieces, but she's not afraid to wear color. She also tends to prefer semi-precious gemstones and gold above all others. Governor Palin seems to prefer gold and more conservative pieces also, sporting many chains and charms, on earrings and necklaces. She's even got a pair of earrings with charms in the shape of the State of Alaska!

So what does all of this mean? Well if you don't know what jewelry is hot and in the spot light this season, just check out CNN Nightly for a glimpse at what the women on the campaign are wearing, if it's not a hot outfit that catches your eye, I guarantee you, you'll find a necklace or pair of earrings that will!

So, what about the mean on the Campaign trail? Of course we can't forget them. Each Presidential candidate has a story to tell about a special bracelet, but I won't post their bragging pictures in this article, the ladies are looking too good without them!

If you see something you like this season, contact me about custom designing something similar just for you, why should the ladies in Washington get all the attention!


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