Monday, July 21, 2008

Loans that Change Lives

For any of you who haven't heard of this organization and you are into giving something back to someone in need, you have to visit their site. Kiva allows you to lend money to an entrepreneur in the developing world empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty. Kiva's mission is to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty. You can lend as little as $25.00 or more if you wish. Kiva allows you to choose who the recipient is of your loan as well as the country. The site allows you read about the entrepreneur and what they are trying to accomplish. You can also view ratings for the field partners who manage the loans, helping you make a better decision on how your money is invested. Of course with any program like this, there is the risk of default. Kiva has been nationally recognized and featured all over the media for their efforts in helping these people get on their feet or back on their feet in places such as Forbes, INC. Glamour magazine, Fox News by Former President Clinton, and more!

As a part of my business, I will be devoting several pieces to this specific cause, and investing a percentage of sales to a struggling entrepreneur. Join me in alleviating poverty by purchasing one of these special pieces soon or becoming a lender with Kiva. You can read more about the organization at

If you're already a lender, let others read about your experience and why you lend by leaving a comment.

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