Friday, July 25, 2008

Christian the Lion

Well, this is definitely an "other things' you should know story, as I cannot come up with a crafty way to find any connection to this video and my blog. As I sat here tonight surfing the web, a friend shared this touching story with me and I just had to pass it along. This video is suppose to depict a true story about Christian the lion, who was raised by two friends in London, who purchased him from Harrads as a cub. They raised him in London until he became to large to leash about town.

The video shares the story of how Christian was released into the wild in Africa and after 1 year, revisited by his friends. I have researched the web and the best I can document is that Bill Travers who starred in "Born Free", contacted George Adamson, the father of lions, living in Kenya, to take Christian into his compound, to assist in their efforts to introduce Christian to the wild. Why share this here...I have no earthly idea, other than to Unveil the true beauty of lasting love and friendships.

Reach out this weekend to someone you haven't communicated with in a long time Let me know your experience.

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