Saturday, April 30, 2011

It Wasn't Humpty Dumpty This Time...

I'm afraid of a few things...flying, bridges, height, snakes just to name a few, BUT this week, I'm adding stairs to my list - that's right stairs and they happen to be the four bottom ones inside my house!

I was on vacation last week, and I must say it was quite enjoyable.  I Didn't go out of town, didn't have any planned things to do, just enjoy the time off at my leisure. But, I guess my body enjoyed the time off a little more than I did and wasn't ready to go back to work Tuesday morning - seems it had more relaxing to do and it failed to inform me of its plans.

As I was headed downstairs Tuesday morning, right foot wasn't collaborating with left foot and between the two, one of them missed the 9th step and ......need I say more?  Okay I will.....

I don't know how I got there, but I landed with my head at the bottom, (after hitting a plastic tub on it's way to the attic.) in a twisted fetal position!

First thought...Don't Move!  Second thought...Medic Alert...why don't I have one!  Third thought...where is the closest phone!!

After lying there for several seconds, I knew I had to move, because I was the only one home. I can say now and I did exclaim when could feel pain... Thank God!  After picking up my glasses (which I heard crack and thought was my back) and slowly sitting up, I was a bag of nerves. My entire body was shaking, but I was alive and I was able to move.  I made it to work that morning..slowly with a burning sensation that I remember from my epidural 14 years ago. I saw the doctor that afternoon (left armed with a prescription for inflamation and pain) but the reality of all things affected wouldn't surface until Wedneday and they went in the order as follows:
bump on back of head
aching neck
sore right upper arm
sore left shoulder blade
burning upper back
sore left hip joint
sore left knee

I am happy to report, and still so thankful for being here, that I'm on the mend and feeling much better today. Still some lingering issues with my back and hip, but I'm so happy and blessed that it wasn't worse, that I'm not complaining one bit! 

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 Unveiling through a blessing,


fishyfacedesigns said...

Good Morning Dee,

I am glad your feeling better... and that the fall wasnt worse... Easier for me to say I am sure.... it's those evil aches and pains we discover after the fact..that are the worse. Nothing reminds me quicker, how much older I am getting then when I hurt my body or when it doesnt listen...(you know by body thinks its 30 and could go on living that way if it wasnt for my mean OLE brain telling it otherwise!)
World Fair Trade DAY... I look forward to coming back and reading your information over the next 15 days!
Hope those aches and pains heal quickly.

Dee said...

Thanks Lisa,
The test will be today after I come back from an art show in the park with my nephew...already warned him we may not see it all, but got my good sneaks on and just dumped some ibuprofen in my system!

Linda Landig said...

Oh man, I'm so glad you didn't break anything! Hope you keep healing rapidly!

Loretta said...

Sorry you took a great Fall, just like Humpty Dumpty. Hope you are on the mend.

Dee said...

Thanks Ladies, I am on the mend, epsom salt, ibuprofen and ice are a wonderful thing :)

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Oh dear lord, I'm so glad that you're okay, and you weren't hurt any worse!! I can understand though-I'm such a clumsy person that stairs are my enemy >.<

You just continue to rest and get better!

Dee said...

Thanks Kayla, and right back atcha! HOpe you're feeling better.

Brandi said...

So glad you're OK! I'm always falling or tripping over something!

mamichele said...

Great Day! Dee, hope you are feeling well. I know how the body can betray you, I think my body holds secret meetings without me! lol. Take good care!

Dee said...

lol @ MaMichele and thank you!

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