Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wire Art Magazine...Fresh off the Press!!!

There's a new wire art magazine in town and it's awesome!!  Wire Art magazine is the newest design magazine for those interested in learning and developing their wire skills and becoming successful at selling their work around the world.  It's a quarterly magazine put out by Jim and Kim MacKintosh of MacKintosh Jewelry Studios. It's available in print and a down loadable version.

I downloaded my copy of Wire Art a week ago and it is full of photos, tutorials and stuff you can use.  If you enjoy flipping through pages and pages of ads, this is NOT the magazine for you!  They've done a wonderful job of putting this first issue together and I'm looking forward to many more!

I had the pleasure of working with Jim and Kim two years ago, when they taught a wire wrapping class for my Jewelry meet up group.  If you ever want to meet the kindest, friendliest, family lovingnest, jewelry makinest, jolly ole' good timenest people,  (Webster is probably ready to blow up right now!!) need to meet Jim and Kim! We had the best full day of wire wrapping you will ever find in one class.  Jim is an awesome teacher and it shows in this magazine and his wire wrapping books

But...don't just take my word for it...visit their magazine site tonight and get your copy.  They are also looking for contributions to the magazine, so make sure you check out how to submit your work or tutorials and be seen in an issue coming out soon!!

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